The Perak Branch Campus first began operations on 5 January 1998 at temporary premises of 5 shoplots in Kampar, and relocated to its campus built on a sprawling 50 acres of land.  Tucked amidst lush greenery, scenic lakes and located within a growing township, the Perak Branch Campus offers conducive and community-fostering setting which enhances holistic learning.

The purpose built campus is equipped with various facilities and recreational amenities, providing an ideal study environment for all students. 

• Auditorium
• Administration Block
• Resource Centre
• Clubhouse with an Olympic-sized swimming pool
• Student Center with canteen facilities
• Hospitality Management Block
• Lecture Halls and Mini Lecture Halls
• Lecture and tutorial blocks

Kampar was once well known for its tin ores reserves and mining activity. The tin mining industry had subsequently ceased and it has now became a vibrant university town bustling with student activities, and burgeoning with famous retail, food and beverages franchises.


It is also famous local delicacies such as “chicken curry bread”, fish ball noodles, chicken biscuit, claypot rice, prawn mee, rice noodles ("Lai Fun" in Cantonese), char kuay teow, wan tan mee, lor mai fan (glutinous rice), ham kok chai, laksa and so on.