Why Choose CPUS

Student Support

CPUS offers various student support services and activities in our constant endeavour to provide the best student experience to our students.

Consultation Hours

Every CPUS lecturers provide 6 hours of consultation time per week for the benefit of our students.

Parent-Lecturer Day

We believe that parents need to be engaged as stakeholders in their children’s education. Our biannual Parent-Lecturer Day provides parents the opportunity to meet and discuss their children’s academic progress with the lecturers.

Student clubs, societies and activities

Apart from the numerous TAR UC-level student clubs and societies, our students can participate in CPUS-level clubs and societies such as:

  1. Science and Maths Society
  2. Economics Society
  3. Newsletter Club - SPECTRA
  4. Debate Club

Our students can also look forward to CPUS-level activities like educational trips to Singapore and the annual senior prom.

Achievers Daily - CPUS Facebook Page

CPUS has created a Facebook page to stay connected with our current students and alumni. Informative and inspirational materials are posted frequently for the benefit of our students.

Student Placement

The Study Abroad Unit assists our students with foreign university applications and provides other related services. Contact the Study Abroad Unit at:
Phone : 603-4149 9164 (Direct Line)
Email: cpe@tarc.edu.my

Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service provides services and programmes designed to assist students to achieve mental and emotional well-being. Our team of professional counsellors will help students to learn how to manage and cope with academic or personal issues and make informed choices. Contact our student counselling service at:
Phone: 03-41450123 Ext 472 (Ms. Lum Pui Yee)
Email: counsellingquery@tarc.edu.my