Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management)

The programme is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills in human resource management.

Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management)

Career Prospects:
Graduates of Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management) may seek employment at the sub-professional level in the areas of human resource administration and management, compensation and benefit, recruitment, training employee relations, consultancy and general management.

Introduction to Accounting 
Quantitative Studies 
Introduction to Organisation & Management 
Fundamentals of Accounting 
Information Technology & Systems 
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Basic Management Principles 
Organisational Behaviour 
Malaysian Employment Laws & Practices
Employee Relations & Welfare

HR Planning and Recruitment
Fundamentals of Finance
Business Law
Cross-Cultural Studies
Ethics for Business
Trade Union & Employers’ Organisations 
Health, Safety & Security 
HR Training and Development
Compensation, Benefits & Performance Appraisal
HR Practices 
IT Applications in Human Resource Management


Compulsory Courses:
English Language, English for Communication, English for IELTS, Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism, Public speaking/ Drama/ Social and Work Etiquette.

Graduates of Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management) can proceed toYear 2 of the TAR UC Bachelor of Business (Hons.) in Human Resource Management programme on credit transfer.

Graduates of this programme can also apply for admission into relevant bachelor degree programmes at TAR UC or other universities on credit transfer.

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