Grants & Financial Aids

ACCA Study Grant

This Study Grant was first introduced in the Academic Year 2005/2006 to provide financial assistance to deserving Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting) students to pursue their ACCA qualification.

Upon the upgrading of the College to University College in 2013, the grant was extended to students from both Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) programmes. Each recipient of this Study Grant will receive a cash sponsorship of RM 5,000 per year from ACCA and a waiver of 100% TAR UC tuition fees for the final two years of study under the respective programmes.

Academic year 2013/14
  1. Chew Man Yi
  2. Thean Wei Nie
  3. Tan Xin Yin
  4. Chong Woei Yee
Academic year 2012/13
  1. Chue Cheng Li
  2. Ooi Yee Tong
  3. Tan Zu Liang
Academic year 2011/12
  1. CLim Ee Chern
  2. Megan Leong Mei Herng
  3. Wong Li Yean