Advanced Engineering Research Centre (AERC)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yip Mum Wai
Assoc. Prof. Dr Lai Weng Kin
Ms. Lim Joo Eng
Ms. Lim Li Li
Dr Chew Khoon Hee
Dr. Ko Ying Hao
Dr. Lee Yoon Ket
Dr. Seow Boon Loo
Dr. Siew Yin Hong
Dr. Teoh Choe Yung
Dr Yiauw Kah Haur
The Advanced Engineering Research Centre is one of the Faculty of Engineering's (Previously knows as 'School of Technology') initiative to develop an industry-focused regional research and development centre that drives the development of innovative products and processes by providing local access to the expertise of the Faculty’s academic staff as well as federal and international research and inventions.  It cuts across various disciplines and targets the growth industries specific to Malaysia through practical innovative implementation that will benefit these industries. The goal is to help improve the competitiveness of the local small and medium industries.
Vision Statement
To be the leading industry-led research centre that fosters knowledge creation, facilitate technology transfer, improve the scientific and engineering workforce, and serve as an "innovation intermediary" to benefit local small and medium industries.
Rationale and Research Plan 
Establish Specific Area of Research Focus
Maturing of Knowledge Transfer Model
Take Steps to make the Knowledge Transfer Model a Government Funded Project
Continuation of Academic Exchange, Research and Industrial Research Partnership
Operations and Activities
Current operation of AERC includes visits to SME/SMI and establishing the needs of the industry in the area of research through knowledge transfer. Activities also include the identification of development work needed in particular SME/SMI and establishing a model to work together with the focus on Knowledge Transfer and also on consultancy in the form of training sessions, workshop and seminars. Where relevant papers will be published in journal and conference proceedings.
Funding, Facilities and Equipment
Activities proposed would utilize existing facilities and equipment available in the School. The aim for future funding is to apply for Government funded projects.
Presently the activities will also be funded by companies who work in partnership with the research centre.
Brief description of how the Centre will satisfy the Criteria as stated in R&D guidelines.
The long term vision and objectives is as stated in the preceding documentation and it is evident from the membership list that the centre built upon current faculty strengths. The main aim of the centre is the collaboration across the community of scholars and the industries. The location of the centre is in the School and the work objective is development work with industries which would provide research, design, development and experiential learning opportunities for faculty and students.