TAR UC was founded as a non-profit organization and therefore our fees are more affordable.

TAR UC's raison d'être is to provide quality and affordable education to all Malaysians. Quality is assured as all our programmes are accredited by the MQA and TAR UC continues to monitor the quality its programmes through stringent quality control measures.

Yes, we currently have/have had students from South Korea, Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, USA, Taiwan, China, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan, Iran, Thailand, and Hong Kong. International students may click here

CPUS has a good mix of senior and younger lecturers. The senior lecturers have years or even decades of teaching experience under their belts. Our highly qualified younger lecturers on the other hand have brought along with them new ideas and the latest in pedagogy. At the end of the day, students benefit from this great mix, of experience tempered with vibrancy of youth.

All TAR UC programmes are conducted fully in the English language.

All Foundation students have been offered into their preferred choice of the Bachelor degree programme upon their application to the Foundation Programme. Therefore they are assured of a place in their preferred programme when they successfully complete and meet the entry requirements of the bachelor degree programmes.

TAR UC's conducts the Cambridge GCE A Level and the A Level qualifications are recognized worldwide as proof of academic ability and are therefore accepted as entry qualifications for admission into the first degree or professional programmes. As such, TAR UC’s A Level programme is the same as the A Level programme conducted by other A Level providers. Our A Level programme is known for its excellence and our students have successfully gained admission into top universities like MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College (and other universities in the Russell group), Australian National University, UNSW and other Group of 8 universities, NUS, NTU to name but a few.

TAR UC Foundation programmes are specifically tailored and intended for admission into TAR UC bachelor degree programmes. The acceptance of TAR UC Foundation for admission into bachelor degree programmes of other universities is at the sole discretion of the university concerned.

TAR UC is very well-equipped with learning and teaching facilities. More upgrades are planned or are under way in our constant endeavour to provide top-notch facilities to our students.

The duration of the A Level programme is 18 months but the Foundation is 12 months. The A Levels allows a student more options to explore both local & overseas universities whereas the Foundation is designed to allow students to successfully progress to TAR UC degree programmes. The choice is again dependent on a student’s individual need- i.e. whether there is a possibility of an overseas education experience (then the choice would be the A Levels); the assurance of a place for a specific degree programme (then the choice would be the Foundation); and on the learning styles of the student (students who find coping with a final examination at every semester an easier option would choose the Foundation).