About Us

About Us

When students truly experience an active student life without neglecting their studies, they will develop important life-skills, gain social and personal confidence and define their own personal identities. 

The Department of Student Affairs provide a myriad of student activities and services. Among them are:

Co-curricular Courses, Societies and Clubs: 

Students can choose to participate in games and sports, cultural programmes, uniform groups, student societies, art of self defence and community sociology course. The programme is specially designed to help students manage stress, to guide students in planning and executing projects; to nurture togetherness among students and to help students develop as competent citizens who ontribute to the development of the community.

Student Counseling Services:

Counseling services are always available to help students understand themselves and questions they may have, which could vary from stress issue to career questions. We also guide them in their personal and social development through talks and workshops. In this way we hope to help them to enjoy College llife more fully.

Student Career Development Services:

Student Career Development Centre (SCDC) is part of the Department of Student Affairs, it is the hub for programmes and services that are central to a student's personal and career development. It is to encourage the learning and student growth from personal development to career guidance in view of the objective in the development of the whole person. SCDS in partnership with the Counselling Services and Life Coaches conduct awareness campaigns, workshops, talks and seminars. Hence, SDCS offers a wide range of services designed to meet the existing students’ needs and will evolve continually according to time.

Another part of students’ development processes is the career development of students. SCDC works closely with the Career Guidance Society (CGS) to organize Career Development Workshops & Talks throughout the semester to help students to be aware of present day industries’ requirements. 

The career development workshops are conducted by counselors, recruitment firms and professional organizations who would guide students in the identification of skills, interests, values and how to make appropriate career decisions with confidence and maximize their employability opportunities. 

On the other hand Employers are able to advertise job vacancies and their portfolios through our  Online Job Portal and Employers’ Portfolio Resource Library.