President's Welcome Message

President’s Welcome Message

On behalf of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’), allow me to welcome you to the official website of TAR UC. This space is specially curated to provide all the essential information which aims at helping you in your decision-making process to pursue your higher education with us.

Making higher education opportunities available to all Malaysians is the core of TAR UC's mission since our inception as the then TAR College in 1969.

We set ourselves apart from others in the delivery of our education that successfully nurtured more than 210,000 graduates , many of whom have become leaders, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs both locally and globally. Our reputation and high standing in the academia and industries is backed by the many recognition over 5 decades.

Just recently, TAR UC earned the recognition as a SETARA 5-Star University College according to the latest rating by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, a reflection on TAR UC's stellar track record in providing quality education throughout the years.

TAR UC's credentials in global professional education has put Malaysia on world map. For example, our students have constantly surpassed all expectations with 80 world prizes and 102 national prizes won in the ACCA examinations to date.

Being an institution with a strong focus on technology and innovation, we are also certified as a Premier Digital Tech Institution - a status that signifies the quality of our education that produces top-notch digital technology talents.

Our success stories are not fairy tales but concrete evidence of our approach in education rooted in the philosophy of "Beyond Education". The "Beyond Education" philosophy promotes an education journey that is more than just academic knowledge as it also encapsulates an immersive experience where students develop their personal values and potential that will lead to a fulfilling life and career.

As you learn more about us in this website, I hope I will have the opportunity to welcome you as one of our students in the near future.

Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei

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