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TAR UMT Students Presented a Talk at the World Built Environment Forum

Jen Yee (bottom, centre) and Jia Hui (top, left), fielding the questions during the live Q & A after their presentation, together with Fabrizio Varriale (top, right).


Following their win in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Student Competition 2023, Long Jen Yee and Yap Jia Hui from TAR UMT were privileged to present their groundbreaking proposal at the prestigious World Build Environment Forum which was held virtually in January this year. The students currently pursuing the Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) gave a talk on how to harness electricity from rainwater through green hydrogen.

Attracting over 2000 registrations, including professionals, academics and policymakers from more than 50 countries, the forum is a global platform for professionals in the industries to share ideas and expertise.

Reflecting on her experience presenting at the international forum, Jia Hui shared, “I was very excited as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be presenting in front of a diverse and global audience. As such, I wanted to do well in my presentation as I will be engaging with professionals from other countries and it was important to not only be well versed with my presentation but also to remain calm and confident in interacting with the conference delegates. My preparations included improving the content of the presentation, practicing on the delivery extensively and collaborating with peers for feedback and improvement,” she said.

Jen Yee added: “One notable challenge for us was on how to present a technically intricate concept so that it is concise and easy to understand. Our solution was presenting the concept in a form of storytelling and incorporating visual aids. In addition, as our project was related to promoting sustainability, particularly in residential energy, we were expecting to be engaged in a meaningful discussion while answering questions from the participants. We are glad to have experienced this as some of the interesting questions raised included inquiries about the scalability of our system, the economic feasibility and the environmental implications. Additionally, participants shared valuable insights and perspectives from their respective regions, enriching the discussion and prompting further reflection on our proposal. Apart from that, Fabrizio Varriale, the Place and Space Analyst of RICS, the session’s moderator provided positive feedback on our presentation, commending our clear and engaging delivery. He appreciated the thoroughness of our research and the innovative nature of our proposal. The moderator also highlighted the relevance of our topic to the broader theme of sustainability in built environment, emphasising the importance of exploring new solutions to address pressing challenges,” she said.

Both students concurred that the experience of presenting in an international forum has taught them valuable lessons. “This experience has been incredibly enriching and educational for us. We have learned the importance of effective communication in conveying complex ideas to a diverse audience. We have gained valuable insights from engaging with professionals and experts from around the world, broadening our perspectives and deepening our understanding of global issues. Additionally, we have honed our presentation skills and gained confidence in advocating for sustainable solutions in built environment,” they concluded.

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