President's Welcome Message

President’s Welcome Message

Welcome, and thank you for visiting TAR UMT’s official website. I am sure you will discover what TAR UMT is and what we can offer to your pursuit for quality tertiary education.

Our quality education is personified as ‘Beyond Education’, where our role to mould and equip students to be global leaders and thinkers goes beyond the confinement of a classroom setting. On top of comprehensive theoretical knowledge, we also enhance our students’ experience through learning by doing. This is accomplished by providing ample and valuable opportunities for our students to work with important stakeholders such as the industries, investors, and other institutions of higher learning (IHL) locally and regionally.

Everything that we plan and do at TAR UMT is geared towards enriching every TARCian’s experience. The vast campus grounds equipped with top-notch infrastructure facilities and filled with fun and engaging activities allow our students to lead a healthy lifestyle while stimulating energy, creativity and friendships. This vibrancy is the core of the valuable TARCian experience which our more than 300,000 alumni can attest to.

At the end of it all, the TARCian ‘Beyond Education’ experience encompasses so much more than just a highly recognised academic qualification. It is a life-changing experience which promises growth and transformation that will take you far in life. I hope you will not miss the valuable chance to learn and grow with the TARCian experience which has been impacting many others for more than five decades.

See you at TAR UMT soon!


Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei

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